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Join the Wheel Protection Revolution with Rim Magic in the USA

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Introducing Rim Magic: Your Trusted Partner in Wheel Protection

Hello, auto enthusiasts! We're thrilled to welcome you to Rim Magic, your go-to source for automotive-grade aluminum rim protection. As fellow car lovers, we're committed to delivering high-quality rim protectors and valuable content that enhance and safeguard your wheels.

Superior Rim Protection Solutions Powered by PrioRim Technologies

In collaboration with PrioRim Technologies, a global leader in the automotive industry, we bring you superior, German-engineered wheel protection solutions. Our rim protectors, available in a vibrant array of nine colors - red, black, white, gold, yellow, green, silver, chrome, and blue - are meticulously crafted from extruded automotive-grade aluminum. These protectors are not just stylish, but also incredibly resilient, designed to withstand high-speed conditions and the rigors of daily driving.

Installation Guidance

At Rim Magic, we're all about empowering our customers. Our rim protectors are designed with a patented locking mechanism allowing do-it-yourself installation on Tesla vehicles and other approved makes and models. Please check our 'Tested and Approved' list before attempting DIY installation

Why Rim Magic Should Be Your First Choice for Wheel Protection

  • Full frame aluminum protection from PrioRim Technologies

  • Easy DIY installation

  • German-engineered products

  • Available in 5 sizes, from 18” to 23”

  • Offered in 9 standard colors

  • Customizable surfaces

Rim Magic products are designed with you, the car enthusiast, in mind. They have been rigorously tested on the autobahn and the infamous racing circuits in Germany at speeds over 200 mph. Whether you're a performance driver or a daily commuter, Rim Magic protects your wheels.

Join the Rim Magic Revolution

Become a part of the Rim Magic family and shield your rims from curb rash, pothole damage, and other road imperfections. With Rim Magic, you receive comprehensive rim protection at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional repairs or replacements.

We're excited to have you on board as we revolutionize wheel protection. Stay tuned to our blog for more valuable insights, tips, and updates in the world of rim protection.

Experience Quality and Performance with Rim Magic

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